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2. Who saves the day with a knife and a fork?

2 Mar

Do you know how to fix a paper-jammed Multi-Functional Printer without proper tools?

Yeah yeah, we (another colleague and I) tried pulling out the paper, opened up every possible part of the printer, clips, turned it up-side-down, nearly everything we could think of. We wished we had a pair of forceps, or pilers, even tweezers would work, but too bad, nothing was there. No tools. Nothing.

Then comes the branch manager (I work for a chain restaurant, which has a main office in one of the branches), whom took a look at the printer for 5 seconds, left, came back with a knife and a fork.

Yes. I just said A KNIFE AND A FORK…how creative can you get??

He also brought in a pair of pilers, but it wasn’t small enough to work with. He did have some trouble trying to get the ripped pieces of paper from inside the printer. But eventually with his skilled usage of the knife and fork, along with limited help from the pilers, he got all the jammed paper out.┬áIt took about 10 minutes.

The man who saves the day with a knife and a fork.


I’m still amazed.